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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am looking for a sponsor to introduce my 4 new rules that will join the three existing Elliott waves.

I am a keen supporter of the theory of Ralph N. Elliott and technical analysis in general. I am also a passionate student of the Divine Proportion or golden ratio, discovered by the Greek Phidias (480-430 BC) and the number sequence introduced from the Middle East to Europe by Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1250). The first study was a contribution to the geometry and the ratio is 1618 ... to one that was used by the Greeks in construction, among other buildings, the Parthenon, but also has been used throughout the centuries by many architects and artists of all nationalities. 
The second study was a contribution to mathematics and has led many observers to study her amazing relationship with nature.  What joins both studies is Phi = 1.618 ...
This introduction is because my interest in both, the Elliott waves and Phi,  has led me to study in depth how both are more related than what Ralph N. Elliot studied and bequeathed to mankind.As I mentioned at the beginning of December in, I have observed and tested four new rules to add to the 3 rules of Elliott in the study of Elliott Waves.