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Sunday, December 30, 2012

$GLD: Gold ready to rally?

GLD 2012

This is our latest EW count and a rally is near, coincidentally with a probable downfall of markets.
The symmetric triangle has been draw only for study purposses because we do not make decisions based on this type of chart patterns. For example, theory in this case is :"The symmetrical triangle is mainly considered to be a continuation pattern that signals a period of consolidation in a trend followed by a resumption of the prior trend".

What is happening on $SPX and what could happen next years with $AAPL.Trying to explained in easy words.

My brother, who is a physician, and admits becoming overwhelmed when I talk to him in technical terms asked me to explain what follows in simple terms. This is what I wrote to him and I want to share it with everybody that is not skilled or familiar with Elliott waves. "The process that has been happening to the $SPX index since the year 2,000 is none other than an account of the pay growth feast we experienced in financial markets since the year 1975, when the index was 72 points and then reached 1,472 points in the year 2000, i.e. 1,400 points in only 25 years or 1,844%.  The good news is that the bad times which have been going on now will end soon when the wave cycle or super cycle 2 is in place and marks the start a new growth cycle with a new cycle or Supercycle wave 3 that we imagine will have a more sustainable magnitude.

 Same goes for AAPL which has had a parabolic growth from 75 to 704 (878%) in only 3 years 6 months but, its process could be just starting to develop and can have huge waves up and down just as we are trying to figure up in a chart attached. Everything has its cycle and there is no forever and ever"

AAPL 2012 2019?

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