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Friday, November 30, 2012

$SPX $AAPL $EURUSD $AMRN $BAC Shortly we will present 4 new EW rules and other new findings.

Shortly, PeruTraderCharts  will present  to the trader´s community, four new rules for the correct usage of the Elliot Waves.  We will also present the correct usage of the fan lines and the Pitchfork Lines if they are based on the Fibonacci´s Sequence.  Additionally, we will present  the $ NYAD usage in order to alert the vicinity of a bottom or a top of the market.  We understand that we are only adding some new findings to the excellent work done by other parties.  We respect and admire tremendously  the figure of Ralph N. Elliott.
We have been testing our theories for over a year, posting our findings, in real time, on both the PeruTraderCharts blog and communities of StockTwits, twiter and trading views.
We have tried to expose these new tools to the people of StockTwits, so that they can verify our work and help publish these new rules in conjunction with PeruTraderCharts.  It seems that they are not interested in.  Nevertheless, we will continue in our efforts to demonstrate that everything has not been said in technical analysis and new rules are being discovered.

$EURUSD: EW count and forecast.

We have call for a wave ,down and that is what it seems, looking todays price. We will see what happens next sunday.

$AMRN: Hourly EW count and forecast.

Sub minute wave 2 is in play and really can go, up to 15 and continue respecting all EW rules.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast, with important information additionally..

On the chart above, we are showing the EW count and additionally we are sharing with our followers, how markets work before price goes up, with a wave 2 in play or goes down, with a wave 4 in place.