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Saturday, November 17, 2012

$SPX: EW count and forecast.New count for the possibilitie of Primary wave B continue in play.

Last week, because price has get below 1,370, we call that primary wave B continue in play. We are starting to focus on this blog main idea. We are public testing some "new" rules of Elliott waves and testing some Fibonacci tools and Pitchfork lines, draw with Fibonacci secuense. We can't present our study until we are very sure that our observations are completely proven. We are near to share with all the community our observations and mean while we are publishing, each day and on real time the result of our studies. Obviously, our studies of "new" EW rules or new tools with fibonacci secuense can't asure 100% of targets IF they are not correctly used.
We have read, again, the medium term EW count for $SPX, where intermediates wave a and be are in place and we are counting now, intermediate wave c of primary wave B of cycle wave 2,down.

This count respect the 3 EW rules and our "new" EW rules and respect fibonacci secuense. 

This alternative EW count, considers minor wave 3 of intermediate wave c continues in play and minute wave 3 of minor wave 3 is in place. IF this count is right, minute wave 4 is,now, in play and has a target :1,294.89 so this minute wave 4 respect the third Elliott wave rule.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. 11.57 continue intact and so the alternatives subminute wave 4 or 2.

This count is been very ,very tricky. Our final intest in our blog is testing some new rules for Elliott wave count and testing new uses of fibonacci and Pitchfork when lines are obtained with Fibonacci.
Our count,now is that micro wave a is in place and micro wave b continue in play. Meanwhile price continue playing in-between 10.16 and 10.57, this count continue valid. We continue firm in the possibilitie that this will be finally a subminute wave 2, so price has to go up further 11.57