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Thursday, November 15, 2012

$AMRN: EOD EW count and forecast. 11.57 will be,again, the milestone.

We continue forecasting that 11.57 will be the milestone, that will tell us, definitely if this retrace is as a wave 4 or as a wave 2. If this is a wave 4, expect a big downfall with target below 10 and If this is a wave 2, expect a rally, up to 12.70 and after this a big downfall to continue searching the last milestone of this big downfall ,with a target of 5 or below.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. Meanwhile 11.57 is intact our wave 4 or alt wave 2 are on play.

We have call some days ago that AMRN is in a retrace as a wave 4 or as a wave 2. Also, we have call some days ago that 11.57 is the milestone that will show us if this is a retrace as wave 4 or as wave 2. We have bet that this could be a wave 2 so we are more bullish and price could go further up.

$SPX: EW count and forecast. Primary wave b of cycle 2, down could be in place.

Because 1,370 has been broken to the downside, the possibilitie of our count with a last push up as a minor wave 5 to complete primary wave B is now, negated. Because our last count is negated we have change our count with the possibility of primary wave B on place so, the big downfall forecasted a year before could have start.

$SPX: EW count and forecast. Relabel of our count. 1370 is broke.

Price has broke 1,370 so our alternative of a minor (green) wave 4 down and a last push up, as a minor wave 5 is negated. Now we are counting considering Primary wave B is in place so the big downfall has started.