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Sunday, November 11, 2012

$SPX: 10 years,daily chart with EW count and forecast.

This is,again, a "big picture" about Elliott wave count and forecast for $SPX. We have call weeks ago that prive was going to retrace to 1,370 and then go up again ( this we can't forecast). What we can assure is that rally up can't surpass 1,576.09. This wave up will be as an minor wave 5 of intermediate wave c of primary wave B os cycle wave 2,down.
Our forecast for minor wave 4 at 1,370, maybe, has been reach on 11 September,2012 with a price of 1,373.06. We declare us bullish with this minor wave 5,up but watching closely price movement, because in any moment price can fall "very hard", as cycle wave 2,down, start its development, with a min target of 650.

$AAPL: Please, compare our 10 years, weekly chart, posted on April 20,2012 and equal chart, posted today.

Please compare the chart, above, from today, Sunday, November 11, 2012 with the chart, below, posted on Friday, April 20,2012. Please don't take care of colors because, on those days we don't know exactly the exact degree as we know now. We call for a retrace as wave 4 down to the 500 area and price really went to 513 and after that, we call for and upside to wave 3 put in place on April,2012, at 639, but price, really,  went upper to 701.86. Now we are calling for a downfall to 270 and time will tell us, later,really, down to ...... went definitely.

On the post (below) from Friday, April 20,2012, we have colored in red and made letters bigger, our call to the downfall of wave 4 to the 500 area.

Friday, April 20, 2012

$AAPL: Our forecast, how are they doing and the 10 min,daily and weekly charts with EW count forecast,today.

$AAPL: 10 year, weekly chart

We are trying to make a recap of our last days calls and which are the short, medium and long term pictures, today. For that reason, you can find our calls,below, and the pictures, today, above.

Things are developing as forecast and we expect that the orange wave 4 (first was blue) will be in place at the 500 area, as you can see in the daily and weekly charts. After that wave 4, orange, we expect a rally and then.....(please se the above charts)

$AAPL: We call for a drop, after earnings, on oct 18,2011

We call for a drop on AAPL, after earnings on october 18,2011, and many people where angry with us, but stock downfall from 421 to 360, after earnings.
 AAPL earnings were very good news and all people think that a rally was coming, but price went down and we where only making a call based in our knowledge about Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracements.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AAPL 16 years, monthly chart EW count.

My only interest of posting this chart and EW count is to share with whom could be interested in analize, from the technical analisis perspective, the possibilitie that a good buisness can't grow parabolic,for ever. I think AAPL will have some pullback but, with a bias to continue been a solid buisness that,no doubt, will continue developing, inclusive more than ever, beacause they have brilliant people working there. My posting,last days, had been thinking in that a retracement was near and that we could have a rally pre-earnings and then a "sell the news". I any case, AAPL will pullback after earnings.

$AAPL: 60 min chart. Short term EW count and forecast.

In the short term, maybe, AAPL could be bullish as a wave 4,up (Don't now the degree now). Possible target IF we are right, could be 590.

$AAPL: "Big picture", EW count and forecast. 20 years, monthly chart.

We have been calling for a big (huge) retrace for AAPL, since last months of 2011. Last months price moves, has made us to think primary wave 3 of cycle 1 is on place. Our EW count show us that, we are on a big (huge) retrace as a primary wave 4,down. Target of this retrace could be 270, IF we are right.