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Sunday, October 14, 2012

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. 2 Hr chart. Bullish setup.

Minor wave 4 is in place or nearly to be. If we are right, minor wave 5 is in play or near to be.

$BAC: EW count and forecast. Weekly and 2 Hr charts.

Weekly chart.

Below, is a chart of BAC posted on May 5. Our overall count is the same,today. We are relabeling our EW count chanting the place for intermediate wave 3, that's in place and intermediate wave 4 that's in play. This change give  more upside move for intermediate wave 4, up to 12.27, instead of only 10

2 Hr chart.

In the above, 2 Hr chart, we can presume that subminuette wave c of minuette wave 4 is in play. This wave can retrace (max) down to 8.25, if we are right.

Primary wave C and cycle wave 2 forecast continue on it's place.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

$BAC: weekly and dailys charts with EW count and forecast.

Chart 1: 10 years,weekly.

$SFE: EW count and forecast. Another interesant bullish setup.

OTT: EW count and forecast. Interesant bullish setup.

If we are right and we will watching closely, this could be an, very, interesant possibility bullish setup. In the red circle could be the possible target for this intermediate? wave 4.