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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

$AMRN: EW count and forecast w/ Pitchfork lines.

If we are right in our count, now could be playing subminuette wave 3 of minuette wave 3 of minute wave 5 of minor wave 3,down. Pitchfork can help us to view some supports and resistances that are not easily  seen. If we are right, subminuette wave 3 has, first, a support at 61.8% Pitchfork line (PL), that was shortly break, after, this support was breake and act for a while as a ressistance until price went down to attack the 50% (PL) were rebound again to the 61.8% (PL). We think the 61.8% (PL) will be a tough ressistance so price, maybe, will be obligated to continue its way down.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast relabeled. 11.14 and 10.88 next important stops.

As we have call before, If this is a minor wave 3,down, 10.88 should be the confirmation line, but before, 11.14 could act as a support to reverse the count as a minute wave 4,up ( alt count)

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. Minor wave 4,in place at 623.56?

As we have call before, max retrace for minor wave 4,down is 615 and something, but it seems that minor wave 4 is in place and now we are expecting a minor wave 5,up. Cheers for bulls!

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. Minor wave 4,down in play as forecasted before.

If we are right, AAPL should reverse to put in play minor wave 5,up.

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. Minute wave b in place.Now wave c,down, in play. Max target: 615.32

This is a bigger view of our minor wave 4 count, as posted some days ago. Yesterday, we post thinking minute wave b was in play but that wasn't correct. We are relabeling our count but a max target for minor 4 is 615.32, because third EW rule.