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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. 12.15 is max target for subminuette wave 4

12.15 was the minimun range for our wave 3 and now is the max retrace for wave 4.

$AMRN: Our posts with EW count and forecast, from Aug 25 and Sept 01,2012 targeting 5 or less.

For this Stocktwiters (see below) we are reposting our posts from august 26, and sept 1 where we target AMRN downfalling to 5 or less. They don´t believe what We are saying today. Cheers!!

  1. phisher12  mentioned you
    RT @Perutrader$AMRN there is no way you saw this coming will never believe that// Yes I saw this time ago. Final Target is 5// we will c
  2. Luccyr129  replied to your message
    @Perutrader @phisher12 What do you mean by final target is 5????
  3. Jeerio  replied to your message
    @Perutrader so humor us a bit. how many shares $AMRN short are you? holding to 5?
  4. ILL_NOIS  replied to your message
    @Perutrader @phisher12 you are basing your analyse on psychology. which works to a degree...until actual news comes out.
  5. gettiup  replied to your message
    @Perutrader What do u mean Final Target is 5? 5.00??
  6. phisher12  mentioned you
    @Perutrader $AMRN there is no way you saw this coming will never believe that

Saturday, September 1, 2012

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. Our august 26, forecast,so far so good!

On sunday, august 26, we posted our forecast for next days. We think, target is nearly on place. Of course, as a wave 2, the retracement could be even greater, but we are suggesting that Pitchforks(with fibonacci) could play as resistance.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

$AMRN: Daily EW count and forecast, updated.


On our "big picture" EW count, we are forecasting this stock is on a cycle/primary? wave 2,down to 5 or less. On the medium term count, we are calling that, this stock is on a primary/intermediate? wave c and on the short term ( december 2011-today), this stock is on a intermediate/minor? wave 5,down and on a  smaller term, this stock could be on the minor/minute? wave 2, up with a target of 14 or so. After this wave 2 could be in place, we are calling for a downfall to 5 or so.
Disclosure, we are playing with options (call and puts ), in a,very small amount of our account, because we like this roller coaster.

$AMRN:EW count and forecast. Bigger view, wave 3 of bigger degree in play. Target: less than 10.86