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Friday, September 28, 2012

$AMRN: Alternative EW count for wave 4 with a target of 12.88.

A question from a stocktwits member, has made me draw this alternative EW count for wave 4, using the trend lines that form the triangle show in the chart. This alternative count give the possibility of a bigger push up to 12.88.

$AAPL: EOD. EW count and forecast.Wave b of 4 continue in play. 660.33 is the max move,down, for wave b.

660.33 is the max move down, for wave b, because first EW rule. After this wave should come a little really up to 682.5 as wave c to put in place this wave 4., because first EW rule.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. Wave 2 from a bigger wave down is in play.

We have post earlier that the target for wave 4 was done so, a wave 5,down, is in play. We don't know in which sub waves we are now but a first wave 1,down, is in place and a wave 2,up, is in play. The maximum move up for this wave 2 is the dotted line, because first EW rule.

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. It seems wave b of 4 continues in play. We expect wave c to get up to 682.5

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. It seems wave 4 is in place and wave 5,down, is in play.

Our target was 12.88 because third EW rule but price has turn over at 12.80.

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. Wave b, in play.682.5 is target for subminuette wave 4

Yesterday we post that subminuette wave 4 target ( 682.5) was so,so close but we have to wait for waves b and c. In this moment wave b is play.

$AMRN: EW count and forecst. Waves a and b of 4, with a target of 12.88,in place.

As posted yesterday and,even, on wednesday, AMRN wave 4 is near to 11.88 and its wave c is on play.