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Monday, August 13, 2012

$SPX vs $ES_F: Very interesting tips from last months price activity.

This SPX vs ES_F has another history to tell us because primary wave B was first in place in the futures chart and also has another peak at 1,411.5, with the minute wave 2, so we think this is the maximum retrace for the ES_F if we try to compare to the SPX and SPY charts.

$SPX vs $SPY: Very interesting tips from last months price activity

We love making money trading, as all of us pretend, but also love triyng to get one step further, each day, in our comprehension of markets behavior and trying to watch if there are tips that you can only see if you want a bit more, than only making or loosing money and, we are trying to share with our blog readers IF you are also interested as us. In this case we are watching that the SPX and the SPY price action, aren´t 100% equal and that, very little differences can make the diference, as we are showing in our SPX vs SPY chart.

$SPY vs $NYAD: 15 min chart showing bearish divergenge.

SPY chart

NYAD chart

$NYAD is the NYSE advance-decline issues, that means if index is above 0, more equitys are been buy than sell.This is bullish and viceversa, is bearish. In our case, on the last days, price has been raising but each day, more equitys has been sell than bought.

$SPY: EOD EW count. What can make markets, next hours or days,to shake more all of us?.

We posted that,IF SPY finish, near but below 140.89 that will be very good for bears and we think, that has happen. IF markets want to shake more to all of us, we have draw, one possibility.

$SPY: 1 min chart EW count. Waves 1 and 2 have to finish sometime.

AAPL: Weekly divergence.Bearish.

Some days ago we posted our forecast. The daily chart, maybe, can be seen with bullish eyes but, the weekly chart is bearish because the big divergence with the MACD.

Monday, August 6, 2012

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. Daily and 1 hr charts. Wave 2 in place??

On august 3, we post our long term EW count and today, we are posting our short EW count with last waves. Maybe intermediate wave 2 is in place or very near to be on it.

$SPY: 139.82 will confirm a downtrend.

Blue line is the top. Green line is de double fail peak. Green line will confirm downtrend.