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Friday, August 3, 2012

$SPX: Daily, 15 min and 5 min charts. EW count with magnifiying glasses

Daily Chart

15 min Chart

5 min Chart

Our last posts had been using the $SPY charts, because don´t permit the intraday charts in the $SPX, so we are using our old thinkorswing sistem, because we saw in our posts from today that the "neckline" has been broken a little thing and we have our own theory that the EW and fibonacci has to be exactly. In this $SPX charts we see that the neckline hasn´t been broken and give price, a space to run. We have to respect this index above the $SPY chart.

The first question is: Has the neckline been broke? and our answer is NO. 

The second question is: Is minor wave c (green) in play? and our answer is NO,is in place, because the minute wave 4 (violet) has respect, exactly, the "third EW rule".

The third question is: Is intermediate wave 2 (blue) in place and our answer is YES.

The 4th question is: What happens now and our answer is that, maybe a gap down on monday starting a violent intermediate wave 3, down or maybe more shaking next days with minuette and minutes wave 1-2 that could take price,again to the 1,390 area but cant surpass intermediate wave 2, starting a softly wave 3,down. The $VIX has drop today 10% and is very,very bullish( near 15) and our $NYAD "top pattern" theory, make us a call that a top has get in place, today. We think the odds could favor the first alternative and form an "island top" or "bull trap" with a gap down, because that is what market wants when a major turn is going to happen and today has been way bullish and as some old guru said: "always, everyone is wrong" and this time, everyone has been bullish

Make your own bet. Cheers and happy wekend.We are going to rest from this intense week.

$AAPL: Alternative EW count.Same forecast.

Some days ago we post our principal count with primary (red)  wave 3 on place and primary wave 4 in place. This one considers primary wave 3,in play

$SPY: Using Pitchfork to find more bearish clues.

This Pitchfork lines are using Fibonacci. We can see that this big rally (dead cat bounce?) has lost strength and momentum and can't break the median line of all the wave c, movement.For us, is very bearish. Markets continues it's shaking work,before a major move.

$EURUSD: EW count and forecast. All in it's place.Coming a big wave 3,down?

The "third EW rule" line, is been respected.

$NYAD: Top pattern call,developing.

On september we posted our Top and bottom pattern call and, today, this pattern is developing, so we have to call for a top,using our pattern top call.
The basis is very simple because, "Always, everybody is wrong" and today, it seems as everybody is bullish.

5 min chart

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$NYAD Pattern (thesis) to determine TOPs and BOTTOMs

 $NYAD 1 min timeframe chart.
 $NYAD 15 min timeframe chart.
$NYAD 60 min timeframe chart.

Observing the $Nyad charts I have notice that,in some opportunities, $Nyad chart can help us to determine when a TOP or a BOTTOM is developing. I have not read.nor hear someone has study this pattern and if this is the case I will like to be the one who first study this reliable pattern.Please If somebody have hear or have Knowledge about this issue make me Know about this.

The $NYAD pattern works in diferent timeframes. I have posted 3 charts,the first of 1m timeframe, the second one of 15 min timeframe and the last one of 60 min timeframe.

The $NYAD pattern to determine the TOPs and BOTTOMs developing consist in a flat or slightly up or down, movement during the particular timeframe and a change in the MACD during this developing, from positive to negative in TOPs and negative to positive in BOTTOMs.

I would greatly appreciate if you have some imput to give me.

$SPY: Very little relabeling of our tuesday post EW count.All in place for the downfall?

On tuesday we posted a chart with an EW count. Today we are making a very little relabeling chanching the minute waves by minuettes wave . The neckline continues in place and now we have a new "third EW rule" line. Maybe on monday or today at the end of markets hours could be a gap down, so a "bull trap" or "island top" could be developing now.

This chart is a "nano"chart so we can see with magnifying glasses the little waves (minute and minuette)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

$SPY: The "D" day. Complete 3 hour charts w/ HS,Fibonacci and EW count and forecast.

We are posting this complete chart, so we don't have to remember last post and, because 138.19 is our "clue line". If price breaks down this point, for us, this will be the trigger for the way down.

$SPX,$BAC: Exhaustion gap. All ressistances on place.

We will not post a chart, until this exhaustion rally finish. We think this will be a wave 2,up and our forecast continues bearish. Good opportunity for a short trade.