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Thursday, August 2, 2012

$SPX VS $VIX: How both charts work together. Must see.

Is very interesant, how the $VIX has a pattern that help us to forecast what is going to pass in the future, on the $SPX chart. We are convinced that, the mass psichology rules the markets behavior and that is the reason why we use Elliott Waves and Fibonacci secuence. This mass psichology forms a pattern before major turns as we can see in this chart.So, the downfall is near or better, the downfall has started?. You can answer the question.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast. Tomorrow continues wave 5,down?

$SPY: EW count and forecast. Tomorrow gap down?

$AMRN: Ew count and forecast. Up for a while?

$SPY: EW count and forecast. We apologize. It was a wave 4.

We started our count wrong. This is our correct count.

$SPY: EW count and forecast

10:29 ET. Relabeling to wave 2 instead wave 4

$AMRN: Wave 5,down in play. Confirmation is breaking 11.21

$AAPL: Wave c of 4 in play.Way down.

$SPY: Way down confirmed with gap.