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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

$AAPL: EW count and forecast.

AAPL rally as a wave 2 or wave b has a maximun target of 644 ( primary wave 3 in place) but, maybe, this will not be necesary for the start of wave c,down.

$EURUSD: EW count and forecast. Wave 4 minor degree in process?

We have been waiting this wave 3,down but, in-between we will see reversal waves like this one?

$AMRN: Wave 5,down in play?

Tomorrow may start a downfall similar to the downfall before this wave 4.Nice stock to trade.

$SPY: Downfall on play(wave 3)?

This is it, or tomorrow again the same story. We think, this is it.

$SPY: Again a new attempt to break the HS neckline.

As we told,before, markets could take this shaking mode for one or more days and, maybe, that's what we are watching. A new attempt to brake the neckline is,obviously, possible. We will be sure of our forecast when a,clear, break of the 138.19 "Third EW rule" is confirmed.

$VIX: EW count and forecast.Monthly chart.

A follower of our blog make us an interesant question about the VIX and we will try to figure it, but not as an answer, but as a curiosity of us and will share it on our blog.

The VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) is not a stock but, as the stocks, is rule by the fear and the greed of "all" participants on the markets, so the EW waves and Fibonacci sequence has to work,equal, on this index.

If our count is right, we can see a break of the last record at 100, as a primary wave 3,up. This is only our opinion and we not pretend to convince nobody of our work.

$SPY: Again, Price shaking around the "third EW rule" line,at 138.19

We need a clear break of the "third EW rule" at 138.19 to confirm the start of the downfall.

$BAC: Price shaking before downfall respecting the "Third EW rule" at 7.4

On monday we posted,below, that the "third EW rule" was a mighty resistance and,it is.

$BAC: "Third EW rule" line, is been a mighty ressistance.

SPY and BAC have common battles. The first has a mighty ressistance in the HS neckline and BAC has it´s own battle with a mighty ressistance as the "Third EW rule" line.

$AMRN: EW count and forecast

Retrace as wave 4,in place?