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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

$SPY: 1 min chart to show the battle around the 138.19 trigger. Tomorrow-way down.

Early we posted that 138.19 was the trigger for the way down. A second post was to alert that the 138.19 line was broke,so the trigger was done and now we are showing how this 138.19 was the action pivot,today. We think that the way down is tiggered.

$SPY: Way down was triggered?. We think so.

We stick to our 138.19 trigger for the way down mode. Now price is raising, but maybe as a wave 2,up and maybe the D day can take one or more days because market have to shake participants? and maybe we are wrong?. Be careful with this tricky moves of markets. We will wait in bearish mode but, maybe is better on the sidelines?.

$AAPL: Daily chart with EW count and forecast. Wave 2,up, near to be in place?

We are calling, from some time ago, that AAPL have a primary wave 4,down, in play and have to retrace more.

$SPY: The "D" day. Complete 3 hour charts w/ HS,Fibonacci and EW count and forecast.

We are posting this complete chart, so we don't have to remember last post and, because 138.19 is our "clue line". If price breaks down this point, for us, this will be the trigger for the way down.

$SPY: Waiting the last push up?

We continue thinking in a last push up,before the way down, We will wait in bearish mode.
Disclousure: We have buy SPXU and we are not recommending nothing.