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Sunday, July 29, 2012

$AMRN: EW count and forecast.Nice stock to trade.

Monthly chart

Daily chart

We found this stock on the "heat map" from and we find a very interesting trading opportunity because, first, it has a downfall from 1,400 to 0.44 on 8 years and now is on 13.51 a 3,000% grow in only 3 years. We think that the EW count is on a Primary wave 5,down and on a Intermediate wave 3,down,starting or very near, to start. IF we are right,this stock could go down,very hard again and after this, start a very big rally. We will check out closely this stock because is a grab trading opportunity.

$EURUSD: Monthly EW count and forecast. Our Monthly,November 3,2011 continues on play

The chart,below is our post from November 3,2011. We have changed, a bit ,our count, considering now cycle waves instead of primary waves and also the position of primary wave 1 of cycle wave 3, but the original count is still in play, because we forecast on november 3,2011 a target in-between 1 and 1.13 and now, July 29,2012, we are targeting in-between 0.87 and 1.15. A bigger range but a possible range.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

EURUSD Big picture. EW count w/monthly,weekly,daily charts

 We will not put much words to this EURUSD EW analysis, from the first chart,above, which is, the "all time" monthly chart to the last one,below,which is a year daily chart.We can discuss about this count and maybe could be some relabeling to do but,for us is a count that help to understand the "big picture" and also show the correlation with the SPX charts with,obvious, differences,because the EURUSD is relatively new and the SPX is older and have cycle waves.

$AAPL: Monthly EW count and forecast.

We have been sticking with this count, since third quarter last year. In this case we are working with Fibonacci, fan lines, retracements and Pitchfork lines(using fibonacci). Wave 4 target, if we are right, could be in-between: 445 and 314.