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Friday, July 27, 2012

$BAC: Near the resistance "Third EW rule" at 7.4

$SPX: EW count and forecast.We turn to Bearish mode

Below is our post from yesterday. We think that, on monday will come a downfall??

$SPX: EW waves and forecast. Last push up of wave 2, as forecasted before?

$BAC: EW count and forecast. Consolidation pattern and then pop up.

IF we are right, the 3 "Third EW rule" lines should work in each case.

$BAC: EW count and forecast. Preparing for the jump to 7.35?

When price will be on 7.30 or something we will turn to bearish mode.

Consolidation Pattern. As our own knowledge.

We are trying to detect some patterns that repeats on price charts.  The chart,above, shows what happens in-between two pop ups, that usually are waves 3 of some kind. In our observations, we have learn that, usually, after a pop up and a retrace, there are 3 stages before the next pop up,if rally continues. For us, stage 1 is during wave a of 4 developing. Stage 2 is during wave b of 4 developing and stage 3 is during wave c of 4 developing. We share this with you, only as our way of thinking.

$EURUSD: Reposting our july 8, post. 1.2405 is a severe resistance

Only to remember the third EW rule at 1.2405.Cheers! 

Felices fiestas patrias a los traders del Peru!

Sunday, July 8, 2012