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Friday, June 22, 2012

$BAC: Why we are bullish next week.

All comments on chart.

$BAC: 2 min chart EW count and forecast.

EOD: Yes,it was the turning point. We expect a green day on monday.

$BAC: Price and BWAP at 7.90.5 and this is the broken resistance. Turning point?

      $BAC: EW count and forecast. Some important resistances in its way to 8.40

      $SPX: EW count and forecast. A closer look to next,important, resistances in its way to 1,390 area.

      $SPX: EW count and forecast.Some important resistances

      In its way up, price will have to surpass some important resistances. The red and the green ones will be ( one of them) the last resistance to put wave 2 in place.