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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$SPX: EW count and forecast.

$AAPL: EW count and forecast.

Some days ago, we forecasted wave 4 as in play but it was in place, so wave 5, up, is now in play to complete minor wave 5,up.

$BAC: EW count and forecast. 2 min chart.

Wave 2, up, in play?

$BAC: 2 days, 2 min chart.

This upside setup could be a wave 4 or an alternative wave 2. If wave 2, then will come a bigger wave 3,down.

$SPX: EW count and forecast.

Yesterday we call: "Last wave up is in place or very soon to be it. If this is right, minuette wave 4(up) of minute wave c(down) of minor wave 4(down) of intermediate wave c(up) of primary wave B( up)of cycle wave 2 (down), can be in place. IF all this tale is true, then minuette wave 5 (down) will start to play." and maybe today, minuette wave 5 is in play. The chart,below, show the intraday EW count.