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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

$SPX: EW count and forecast. 10 min chart.

We are going to check out, closely, this count. IF we are right, wave 5 of c of 4 could be in place.

EOD EW count

Last wave up is in place or very soon to be it. If this is right, minuette wave 4(up) of minute wave c(down) of minor wave 4(down) of intermediate wave c(up) of primary wave B( up)of cycle wave 2 (down), can be in place. IF all this tale is true, then minuette wave 5 (down) will start to play.

$BAC: Alternative EW count and forecast. Minor wave continue in play?

We have been posting about minor wave b in place. The chart,above, is an alternative count IF minor wave b, continue in play. Take care with this bullish setup.

$SPX: Alternative EW count and forecast. Maybe minor wave 4, continue in play.

We have been posting about the possibility of minor wave 4, in place so we have been bullish. This bullishness has to be taken with care because, here is an alternative count with minor wave 4 in play.