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Saturday, May 19, 2012

$SPX: Remembering our first posts on September 26, 2011. Cycle wave 2,down, was on our forecast.

The first day we posted in our blog, we presented 3 charts with different time term forecast.We were in the correct way, but after we have relabel the primary wave B upper, as this was, really, an intermediate wave a. What was in our mind, since that date was that primary wave A was in place at march, 2009 and primary wave B was in play, as an bear rally, and when this one can be in place will start primary wave C, as an downfall,to, at least, 600, so cycle wave 2 can be in place. Of course that timing wasn't correct, because is the most difficult variable to forecast, but we have been forecasting a "BIG" downfall when nobody think about it, and each day we are seen more analyst thinking about this possibility. We will re-post more of our crazy calls to a "BIG" downfall to remember this to all of our followers or readers.

Monday, September 26, 2011

$SPX:Very,very;Very and long term EW count.

 Very,very long term EW count
 Very long term EW count
Long term EW count

Later I will post smaller term EW count and another technical and psicological indicators trying to view were we could go tomorrow.

$AAPL: EW count and forecast. So far so very good.

AAPL: 2 years, daily chart

AAPL: 60 days, 60 minutes charts

$GLD: EW count and forecast.So far, so very good.

We are relabeling our GLD charts ( from some months ago) with our real labeling colors as shown in the weekly chart. Remember we try to work in real time and in that case we use any color, at hand, because we need to work quickly but now, we want some order in our count.

GLD: Weekly chart

GLD: Daily chart

As you can see, our large and medium term counts are working fine. On the middle term count (daily chart) this count is our principal count but, as always, there are alternative counts. If our minuette wave 4 surpass the 50% fibonacci retracement then our alternative count will switch to wave 1 instead of 3 and wave 2 instead of 4.