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Thursday, April 19, 2012

$SPX: EOD EW count and forecast.

$AAPL: Carefully EW count and forecast.

This is negated. We are wrong with so much shake that we,that are saying that market is going down, think that market is going up, for a moment.

$AAPL:EW count and forecast.Don't surprise next:610

$SPX: 8 shakes and counting. Where do market go at last?

We are firmly believers of market shaking to confuse the most participants it can.

12:09 ET

We are not counting waves now. We are counting shakes. Maybe shake 9, in place and up we go.

15:30 ET

This is a perfect example of how market shake out the participants. Us, who where saying that market goes down, and we maintain that position, think, for a moment, that market was going up. Wrong!!

$SPX: 2 days,2 min charts. EW count and forecast. Wave 3 down,soon?

Market is shaking bulls and bears so "all participants,as always" could be wrong, as our TA masters teach us.

11:45 ET.Update.

$SPX: 60 days,60 min chart. EW count. We mantain our 1,330 forecast,for this leg down.

As we have forecast, some days ago, our final stop for the complete retracement should be 1,290 and 1,330 will, maybe, be a leg more.