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Friday, April 13, 2012

$SPX: EW count and forecast of wave 5,down.

Update at 15:20 ET

15:27 ET Wave 2 in place

16:00 ET End of day. Wave 3,down developing.

A wave 3 of something is strongly developing. Monday should continue the fall down.

$SPX: wave 4 in place. 1,290 target continues it's developing

$SPX: 1 day,1 min chart EW count and forecast,updated.

It's nice when count is nailed! EW and Fibonacci don't fail, it's the counter who fails.

Relabeling at 13:25 ET

EW count at 13:44 ET

$SPX: 1 day, 1 min chart. EW count and forecast.

$SPX: 2 min chart. EW count and forecast.

$SPX: Wave 4 in place.

Wave 3 is a minor wave and now, wave 5 of wave 4 (minor) is developing. As we have call some days ago, target could be 1,290. When this target will be reach, wave 4 (minor) will be in place and last? wave 5 (minor) will start it's developing up to 1,460?.