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Saturday, December 29, 2012

$SPX & $AAPL discussion at

We are using again this blog because we need it to share this interesting conversation on the community:

RE:$SPX Elliott waves count 2007 2012
From:Manuel Aparicio
To:Elliott Wave Analysis
Posted:December 29, 2012 3:14 PM
Subject:RE:$SPX Elliott waves count 2007 2012

I have received this Message From: Panagiotis (Panos) Dantis:

Dear Manuel , I think we are not going to see new lows in S&P500 index. In 2008 we saw a panic . Such things occur only once in 100 years period. I do agree that we are in new cyclical bear market, but from Elliot point of view, 2009 up to 2012 we had wave 1of 5 , a clear impulse, and now we are in a wave 2 of 5.
And your AAPL chart supports that..its a 4 wave that will go down possible to where A=C, but then wave 5 will target at least 880 and most probably above 1000 and that would have positive impact to investor sentiment and indexes.

it is a pleasure discussing with you. Thanks!
Panos, it is a pleasure discussing with you as well...
Yes, we are basically agreeing that prices are going down because we are in new cyclical bear market.  In what there is an interesting discussion point is if this downfall will be bigger or not than that on 2008.
I'm sorry because I haven't introduced my "particular" labeling of waves and I have made a mistake and colored a primary wave as blue and it should have been red; as I'm showing now in this new chart but, from 1991 up to 2012.
In our chart we are showing an alternative count, considering that cycle wave 2 could be in place on 2009 and that will be the alternative you are subscribing.  In the AAPL case, we both are right and my chart is pointing to that alternative. What I was interested in showing was that it is possible that a truncate minute wave 5 is in place, so we do not expect further upside now.


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