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Monday, November 12, 2012

$AMRN: 5 min chart with EW count and forecast.

Early we have been posting about AMRN and about the channel in-between the 100% and 76.4% Pitchfork  lines where the price has move all day. We make a bet that the bullish alternative will be the one and EOD price has break up. We think that, watching todays price, the Alt wave 2 will be finally the one and because this, we feel more bullish.

  1. Perutrader

    $AMRN $AMRN. Iwill bet for the break up of the 100% Pitchfork line. Bullish
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  2. Perutrader

    $AMRN $AMRN . Price is in-between two Pitchfork lines. 100% and 76.8%. If price breaks the first is bullish. If price b
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  3. Perutrader
    SPX: EW count and forecast.
  4. Perutrader

    $EURUSD $EURUSD. Once 1.2713 breaks this is bullish Bullish
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  5. Perutrader
    $EURUSD: 12 years EW count and forecast.
  6. Perutrader

    $AMRN $AMRN. Thinking that wave b of 4 or Alt wave 2 is on play. Bullish
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  7. Perutrader

    $AMRN $AMRN. This wave b of wave 4 or Alt wave 2 could retrace hard, inclusive down to 10.17, but we think that this wav

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