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Friday, August 3, 2012

$NYAD: Top pattern call,developing.

On september we posted our Top and bottom pattern call and, today, this pattern is developing, so we have to call for a top,using our pattern top call.
The basis is very simple because, "Always, everybody is wrong" and today, it seems as everybody is bullish.

5 min chart

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$NYAD Pattern (thesis) to determine TOPs and BOTTOMs

 $NYAD 1 min timeframe chart.
 $NYAD 15 min timeframe chart.
$NYAD 60 min timeframe chart.

Observing the $Nyad charts I have notice that,in some opportunities, $Nyad chart can help us to determine when a TOP or a BOTTOM is developing. I have not read.nor hear someone has study this pattern and if this is the case I will like to be the one who first study this reliable pattern.Please If somebody have hear or have Knowledge about this issue make me Know about this.

The $NYAD pattern works in diferent timeframes. I have posted 3 charts,the first of 1m timeframe, the second one of 15 min timeframe and the last one of 60 min timeframe.

The $NYAD pattern to determine the TOPs and BOTTOMs developing consist in a flat or slightly up or down, movement during the particular timeframe and a change in the MACD during this developing, from positive to negative in TOPs and negative to positive in BOTTOMs.

I would greatly appreciate if you have some imput to give me.

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