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Sunday, August 26, 2012

$AMRN: Daily EW count and forecast, updated.

On our "big picture" EW count, we are forecasting this stock is on a cycle/primary? wave 2,down to 5 or less. On the medium term count, we are calling that, this stock is on a primary/intermediate? wave c and on the short term ( december 2011-today), this stock is on a intermediate/minor? wave 5,down and on a  smaller term, this stock could be on the minor/minute? wave 2, up with a target of 14 or so. After this wave 2 could be in place, we are calling for a downfall to 5 or so.
Disclosure, we are playing with options (call and puts ), in a,very small amount of our account, because we like this roller coaster.

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