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Saturday, May 5, 2012

$BAC: weekly and dailys charts with EW count and forecast.

Chart 1: 10 years,weekly.

Chart 2: 2 years, daily.

Chart 3: 1 year, daily.

Above, we have 3 charts of BAC so we can see the big, medium a littlest picture. We have put some order in our count, coloring the waves with its "ours real" colors for cycle,primary, intermediate,minor, minute and minuette, black,red,blue,green, purpure and orange, respectively.

We are following BAC because we think, this one can give as, interesant upsides and downsides, because it's small price.

On thursday we post an alternative count of our count from April 21.We are going to return to our original count,above and this doesn't change the forecast in the next days or weeks, because we are bullish in both counts. What we need is that this wave 1 or b to get in place and, maybe, this will be very soon, if this hasn't happen yet.

Another tip for this primary wave c of cycle wave 2 is, it's trending nicely.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

$BAC: EOD EW count and forecast.Bullish?

On April 21, we forecast as shown in the chart ,below, that we were in wave 5 of intermediate wave C of cycle wave 2, down.  Since, some days ago, we are playing the alternative count, shown in the above chart, as wave 4 (green) continue in play and today, maybe, wave b (brown) of wave 4 (green) in place and wave c of this wave starts it´s development. This wave should be very bullish. Lets see what happens in the next hours or days.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

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