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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$ES_F: Futures are confirming wave 3 is in place.

Futures are confirming that, for now, the fall down will ease. Wave 3,green, seems in place and now wave 4, green, up.


  1. Hello PeruTrader,

    I'm trying to understand your wave counts, but having hard time with different colors and numbers you have labeled. Is it possible for you to provide more details ? For example, where is wave 1 and wave 2 on your chart. Thank you so much.

  2. As we have explain some time ago, we try to post in "real time" and we can't know if wave is minuette,minute or what else, so we try to put colors to identified the waves. What we try is to be one step forward of market and forecast what we think is going to pass later and only to help others to see the "picture" but not to advice them what to do.
    Some of the times, waves 1 and 2 are little waves at the start of the move. Chaeers!