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Saturday, April 21, 2012

$BAC: EW count and forecast. short, medium and long term pictures.

40 years,monthly chart.

10 years,weekly chart

60 days,60 min chart

We have been forecasting BAC and C since last months of 2011. Both have the same long and medium picture showing a big cycle wave 1 (black) put in place on 2007 and a big cycle wave 2 (black) in play. Both, BAC & C show primarys waves a and b (red) in place and primary wave c in play and it seems as minors waves (green) 1 to 4 of primary wave c of cycle wave 2 are in place and now, minor wave 5 is in play. Maybe, minute wave 1 of minor wave 5 is in place and next days minute wave 2,up, will be in play. Probable target area: 9.5-10. 

The most difficult area of our EW count is TIMMING and try to catch the exact moment when some wave is in place is really,really difficult so, our charts show the pictures and you take your own decisions. Cheers!

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