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Saturday, March 10, 2012

$SPX: Calling a multiyear "mega" megaphone top.

The monthly chart we show above shows our "mega" megaphone top of about 10 years of developing process.
A megaphone top or bottom are formed after huge rallys or big falls of price and markets enter on indecision and higher highs and lower lows are one after the other. In the charts,below, we present 3 examples of megaphones, tops or bottoms.

Example 1: megaphone top ( may-jul 2007)

Example 2: megaphone bottom ( nov 2008-mar 2009)

Example 3: megaphone bottom  (may-jul 2010)

We are pasting,below, our post from september 29,2011.One of our first posts in this blog. In that post we alert about a megaphone bottom and,inclusive, we forecast a probable target,up, near where price is now.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calling Again Megaphone Bottom in SPY ( Really 2 Bottoms)

 This 60 min chart,2 months, show the BIG megaphone bottom. 2 Months and waves 3,4 and 5 (blue)
This 60 min chart,1 month, show the LITTLE megaphone bottom.1 month and the 5 finaly waves of wave 5 (blue).
If two of this megaphone bottom pattern doesn't work, what can work. 

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