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Thursday, October 27, 2011

SPY Gap down Tomorrow?Only saying.

 Observing today,extra bullish, price action and the $NYAD "Top Pattern" developed today, we compare the chart above with the AAPL rally untill earnings and the double gap,called Island Top,that develops next day. Both charts are very similar so, why don't think the possibility of occur the same with SPY tomorrow?.Is a possibility.
 The chart above is the $NYAD "top pattern" developed today and why we make a top call, early. We will compare with the charts, below, that were used on 09.28.11, for our $NYAD "top pattern" thesis.
 This was the $NYAD "top pattern" on 09.27.11 and next day, SPY came down.
This are other examples of tops and bottoms.

AAPL EOD EW count. Daily and 30 min charts.

In the daily chart we observe that EOD today has been lower than on 10.24.11,so wave 4 was in place that day.Today wave 2 of 1 down,has respect the fibonacci 50% retracement ressistance and EOD was lower than the line that was the max retrace for this wave, as we posted, yesterday(fixed today,early).(Chart below)

SPY EOD EW count. We have a top? Wave b?

Great Rally. Maybe wave "b" (green) is in place and the alternative is a wave 3 of b.

14:00 ET AAPL fighting with 50% Fibonacci retrace

For you information.

BAC EW. Very bullish!!

Wave b surpass it limit so,now is negated. Wave 3 is developing.

$NYAD "top pattern" call.

$NYAD "top pattern" is developing.

AAPL 15 min chart, EW count.

Fixing wave 4 but count continues in place.

SPY Daily EW count.Wave b beats wave 4.

Recapitulating,we call on 09.29.11 wave a is in place and a target for wave "b" above 125 and then she observed the possibility that wave "a" could not be in place and  wave 4 (blue) could be in place,because had not surpass the wave 1 (blue) territory. Until yesterday and inclusive until 23:30 ET in the ES_F chart, that was a possibility and we have to respect that. In the early hours today wave 4 (blue) was negated because price get in wave 1 (blue) territory.
Now, wave "b" is alone and the only way to negated is if price surpass wave B (primary).
My interest is not only give tips for make money but to help to those who are learning to $STUDY in real time.

This was my call on 09.29.2011: