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Monday, October 3, 2011

Bottom soon?.Tomorrow? "$Nyad bottom pattern" call today.

 On 09/02/2011, Spy has a nice bottom after a big fall.
 This is a Spy 5 min chart where, is marked in red the price action on 09/02/2011.
 This is the $Nyad 5 min chart showing the "$Nyad pattern for a bottom" on 09/22/2011
 Now, this is the Spy 5 min chart where is marked in red today price action after 14:00 ET
And this is the $Nyad 5 min chart where is marked in red the "$Nyad pattern for a bottom", after 14:00 ET.

This was my call, today, in Stocktwits:

@stocktwits $SPY $NYAD pattern developing in 5 min chart from about 14:00 ET. Short,medium or long term bottom?

For those who had not read about my $Nyad pattern for bottoms or tops, you can look here:

This pattern is a thesis and I'm trying to detected when it appears.

My purpose is to share with you and confirm or negate this pattern today

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