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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$NYAD Pattern (thesis) to determine TOPs and BOTTOMs

 $NYAD 1 min timeframe chart.
 $NYAD 15 min timeframe chart.
$NYAD 60 min timeframe chart.

Observing the $Nyad charts I have notice that,in some opportunities, $Nyad chart can help us to determine when a TOP or a BOTTOM is developing. I have not read.nor hear someone has study this pattern and if this is the case I will like to be the one who first study this reliable pattern.Please If somebody have hear or have Knowledge about this issue make me Know about this.

The $NYAD pattern works in diferent timeframes. I have posted 3 charts,the first of 1m timeframe, the second one of 15 min timeframe and the last one of 60 min timeframe.

The $NYAD pattern to determine the TOPs and BOTTOMs developing consist in a flat or slightly up or down, movement during the particular timeframe and a change in the MACD during this developing, from positive to negative in TOPs and negative to positive in BOTTOMs.

I would greatly appreciate if you have some imput to give me.


  1. Perutrader,

    Just found your site today! hope to trade with you.
    What do you use for charting? Thanks.

  2. Hi JZ, nice to know about you.
    Aswering your question,I use basic indicators as MACD,Aroon,Borlinger,Ema(13,34 & 100), "psychological"indicators like $trin,$Vix & $Nyad and Elliot waves and fibonacci. I expect this will answer your question.

  3. Yes I have done extensive work and trading using the advance decline lines using intra day and daily charts. Feel free to send me an email and/or follow us on Twitter @SectorVue email Which charting program are you using and can you enter formulas? -ds

  4. Thank you for your input. I'm also a big fan of $Nyad, as you.
    What I have published is: using $Nyad chart, I notice a particular pattern to help to determine Bottoms and Tops.No formula, only observation.
    best regards